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that the web site is secure. so at it with the multiple people in charge -- we think in charge -- i don't know how they can get their way out of this. >> a dumb question on my part. what if he had been alerted? what could, would should he have done? >> he said he wished he had more time. and i wonder if he knew the full scope of this, from all of the multiple contractors and hough this couldn't possibly be tested. could he have spoken up? it was interested he said to me he did no ask for more time even though he wished he had. i wonder why. did he think based possible the information he was getting he could make the achievable, or if he had known the seriousness, could he have had enough am night to say, you can't make this mistake? i don't know what the motives were among the people within the administration, but clearly they had a heck of a lot of insight -- >> wasn't there fear, sir, that the white house -- this i could understand, -- that for every delay, there's a chance for republicans to change this thing, alter this this kill this thing so they figured, like a ship, once you launch it,
the monster to sort of growl. and i don't -- i wonder just shutting it down for however extended a period doesn't get you away from the realization that maybe the structure itself is what is bad. you have to start from scratch. what do you think? >> that's right. and actually i did an article a while back basically saying the exact same thing which is really just starting from scratch. if you look at like the windows 8 operating system which is one of the more complex operating systems that we have in today's society, it's roughly around 50 to 80 million lines of code. this is around 500 million lines of code. extremely advanced. complex. basically they had a bunch of different development people and piecing this thing together and at the very end shoving it out the door without majorly testing it there is major implications that this is going to have from years to go down the road. >> how different is this from just someone who in college was doing an all nighter or frantically putting together, you know, the final pages of a turn -- term paper and ends up getting a decent grade. is ther
's the real smackdown. not a one of these smackers is called taxes. you pay it. they just don't say it to washington and mike emanuel who is all over it. >> reporter: democrats want more tax revel knew as part of a double digit biehl and they include closing loopholes to increase money coming in as a way to do it. republicans prefer to cut spending in a smarter way across the board, cuts known as sequester, and would like to close loopholes as part of tax reform that would lower rates. so nobody is talking about striking a big budget deal because the two sides are very far apart. the word "tax" is a toxic word with the g.o.p. but fees or loopholes may be easier to swallow, and user fee is mine sound friendly. on the airline security fees the idea would be a flat $10 for a round trip flight. if you take three flights you'd only be charged for one initial screening. the administration would like it to be bumped up to 7.50 each way, which they estimate would bring in close to $26 million. the airline industry is not happy, making it more expensive to fly. and then there's fees at our n
death row short list. the mcrib -- >> don't believe you, love mcdonalds. i let my kids have it once a week. >> why are you punishing them? >> the mcrib, don't eat. i don't find its appetizing. >> made to look like a skeleton. >> i'm happy to defend your right. i think it's the food police. they received to much bad press over different things, it's like, let's let this go. >> twitter reaction coming in fast and furious. the gall, the big what? so, rebecca, what do you make of this? >> you know what, neil, i'm excited. christmas came early for me. getting rid of the mcrib. it's about time. seriously, what is in the pork product? you need a food science degree to figure it out. >> what if you do? it tastes great. do we really know? >> there's vitamins and minerals in salads. >> there is so much -- >> so much sodium in the sandwich, it's like you're suck only a salt lick. >> anybody knows i eat healthy. i'm saying nutritionists, the food police have won but only this day. >> you know what, neil? the truth is, people can find plenty of crap food at mcdonald's. just back the mcrib is of
of hours. turbulence and delays are going to go up. right now they don't have any delays in the airport. i think that's going to be the place that increases. all the new york city airports running just under an hour and philly has been the worse of it today. for most of the day running at about two hours. it's gone down a little bit. seeing that cloud level race just a little bit when the low clouds are there they can't get the planes off in as fast as a pattern as they generally have. they have to slow that down and that causes that pileup and delay of flights. the t. is cold. tonight those temperatures are going to be into the mid 20's. down in places like atlanta and birmingham. so very significant freeze going on. and down across even towards south florida tomorrow is only going to be into the 60's. so a very cool thanksgiving for florida. people who are head down from to try to get a little bit of a warm thanksgiving not really going to happen. still dealing with the rain across areas of the coastal areas from mid-atlantic up into boston. we will see few more bouts of heavy rain. you
know what he is saying? i don't. >> i take that you're concerned and cynical. i would be, too. there are a lot of insurance commissioners and the like telling us that it's not easy putting the genie back in the syringe so folks like you that experience this, it's up to the individual insurance companies whether they want to reverse it, stall, or move on. the best you have is maybe a six-month extension. >> i've got an for sure three-month extension from blue cross, and from the president's comments possibly up to a year. but it doesn't matter. either way i have to face a larger bill, either this year or next year. it's the law. and so that's what i'm being told i'm going to have to deal with. and all sorts of new coverage in it. i'm 60 years old and now i have pediatric care, no children. my wife has maternity care but we have no children planned. so, we're being -- going to pay a lot more for benefits we don't need. >> now, the argument was that whatever folks had before, according to the president, was substandard, the plans are substandard. what your plan substandard? >> my
with runups like this, especially for companies who don't make money -- they have a great deal of promise but don't make money -- really back to larry's point about the internet boom and whether we're getting back to that. a lot of good features of the boom, included and ebay, still with us today but many others are not. do you worry we're potentially repeating sinful behavior. >> one thing we learned from the past four or five years issue when we put our money to work, there's a certain risk tolerance everybody has, and markets are more aware of risk powers individually and institutions than ever before. the market in great part -- the pricing mechanism we have is developed and is decided upon by the investing public and the reply and demand ratio. so i have to believe that people getting into these things at these prices are happy to be there and happy to have the opportunity to participate or they would not be paying these prices. >> larry, without getting into the valuation of the company, whether it's worth in the mid-40s or whatever, it does raise another question about j
exchanges have actually followed through and selected plans. we don't know why that many people weren't able to select plans because they decided not to, too expensive or couldn't get through because of technical problems. 975,000 says the administration made it through and did not select plans and fewer than republicans responding 106,000 number is actually inflated. he says that includes the number of people who have essentially put plans into their shopping cart. and on a day on capitol hill where we were discussing obamacare throughout the day, there were plenty of references to >> have you ever shopped on >> yes, sir. >> the amazon experience, when you put something in your shopping cart, is that considered a sale? >> >> no. >> the administration says it expected these numbers would be lower and these numbers are lower than expected said the administration going into today because of the problems with back to you, neil. >> all right, rich. thank you. >>> those numbers pale in comparison to this number. more than 5 million people cancelled due to t
of execution, if you will, to stay on the old rate base. preexisting conditions don't matter because they are covered already. >> right. >> but they don't have the new mandates and so forth. but they also have the policy these people chose. and it's more affordable. these people also, if they want to do early renewal have the option to go to obamacare if they want to. nobody was prohibiting them from doing it. it was the customer's option. so i think that some people were offered the early renewal, which gets people to the end of 2014 anyway, that's where most of these insurance commissioners are going to stay. but your point that not moving people into the new pool underminds the fiscal intelling yi at this of the pool, you don't get all these healthy people moving into the new pool is a good one. you have got to get everybody into the obamacare pool in order to help make the obamacare pool sustainable. that's going to be the president's objective ultimately. >> that's a big problem. >> yes. big problem. >> we are going to be exploring that in more detail on fox business why young p
insurance for 2014. >> once they get on, they don't like what they get on to and see. i often tell people who are talking about the problems with the website that that is not the real story. but it is the little surprise you get when you do get on and you can surf around that is kindover a joke. >> in some ways democrats have had a relief because they can blame that for the slow enrollment numbers. a lot of americans are accessing the website, and they may be scared away by premium increases. they say it can be a 260% se. maybe they have read the stories about dr. networks because of reimbursement rate that's are too low. >> a number of democrats are saying you have to do something about this, or they're now parting company with him on this, and so much else, that they're clearly reading these polls that are showing a reversal. the wind is no longer at the democrats back and that is something they fear could build as companies down the road start with their workers, right? >> democrats were feeling pretty good after the government shut down because they felt it reflecting poorly on americ
. they're already up since 2009. so that will continue. so i don't think the flying public is going to get better options. they're going to get higher ticket prices. for the frequent travelers, they're going to have more options because now you can move the miles as the merge the programs between american and user air -- u.s. air and have more options to cash those in that's just business travel. >> the other merger had disruptions and delay, post the doj ruling and the bankruptcy court ruling this is going to get done, and then they have to integrate systems. that's the challenge. you say with the state, they have now put in over the next five years, guaranteeing not to remove any of the hubs. that was concern of the states -- >> to your greater point here, there's still fewer planes and i always worry when that are fewer players. does that mean fewer options? >> yes, until one of the lower cost carriers says, oh, opportunity. when ticket price goes up, someone will go in there -- one thing that hasn't hasn't been talked about is charters. those were big in the '70s and '8s, they w
you didn't need. right? >> i don't like that idea of substandard, meal. i'm an educated person. i bought a plan that works for me, gives me medical care, gives my my prescription drugs. it's not substandard. and i dent know where the president gets off. he has never examined me. he doesn't know what i need to be able to tell me my plan is substandard. i have been buying insurance longer than he has. >> so, when the president reaches out today -- and there were many mea culpas, regrets, apologies. any of that register with you? >> yeah, he doesn't know what he is talking about. he doesn't have to shop insurance. he told me, go spend some time on the market place and shop around. i did that. right after he said it. 32% increase in my premiums, and he said, 15% was outrageous. >> so the argument you're the exception of the rule, you're among those that are in a distinct minority, what do you make of that? any more of a -- >> the statement was, i can keep my plan, period. not you can keep your plan if your an -- except if you're an exception. there weren't any exceptions. so, to me, t
it and throw you out on to the exchanges. >> and i don't mean to imply that 129 million are losing their employer based coverage. out of 50 million that will lose their plans, 35 million may lose their employer based coverage. >> okay. so just to be clear, with ibm and time warner junking hundreds of their employees, they said we can't afford it, you're out of here, we'll take care of our present workers, here is something to get you going on the exchanges. you're saying that a year from now when the employer mandate is kicking in, that will get exponentially bigger not only for retiree, 2000 existing workers. >> i'm saying that up to 35 mill cr million workers may lose their plans. the rest may keep their old plan, but they will be subject to having to pay for obama care mandated bells and whistles. >> so how much more -- sorry, i keep jumping on you. that seems read to those at home. but if that happens and they keep their coverage, how much more would they have to pay for that coverage? >> well, it depends on your employer size and all of that. some employers are having to pay a
and frozen pizzas. stick them in the teen freeze. don't laugh. just might happen. because now uncle sam is poking his nose in everybody's kitchen. this is big. welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto. food for thought. the government looking to take my frozen pizza and other goodies away. say it ain't so but it could happen if the fda gets it way. looking to rid foods of artery clogging trans-fats that could force some brands to change or be eliminated. but is the public biting? >> why should the government tell anybody what to eat or not eat. we know it's bad for us. it's bad for us. we're adults. >> i think the fda is doing the right thing. >> i think people are smart enough to listen to die particularses and others. >> i think it's a good idea. i think more people ought to be health conscious. >> it's an intrusion on our individual rights. >> make ingredients known and let us choose what we do and don't want to eat. >> right. >> it's stupid. i should be able to eat whatever i want to eat. >> i think that's a horrible idea. everyone loves sweets and all those good stuff. i don't see why th
's in the package? and he said, don't you remember? yesterday i told you that i would be bring something curtain rods this morning, and on thursday afternoon, when he asked me to ride home with me, i said, sure, and then a few minutes later, i asked him, lee, today is not friday. today is thursday. and he says, i know that. and then that's when he said he was -- he told me that, i'm going to go out to see marina and get some curtain rods because she had made some curtains for him, and he was going to get the curtain rods where he could hang the curtains in his room at the rooming house. >> did you ever see -- i'm sorry. did you ever see him bring that package into the depository? >> no, i did not. i did not see lee -- lee had the package with him and he walked from where the parking lot where i had to park my car. he had the package with him and he did good into the back of the depository, going up the steps of the loading dock. >> you since then, even though the warren commission talked to you later on, that had to be the rifle, but you question whether it as a rifle. didn't seem like the size
're outside of the window, by tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night, if you don't want to deal with the inevitable delays and headaches and cancelations that will start to trickle from the east coast toward the midwest and toward the west coast, you really start to look at the potential for really tweaking your plans, sitting down and thinking instead of going home for the holidays, maybe we'll stay put. and -- and get creative as to how you celebrate the holiday season this year. >> what do people do a lot of times when they know of something like this, or, you know, a storm or wave of -- of freeze like this? is the better part of valor to cancel your plans rather than face this? do they all just sort of quit en masse? what happens? >> i think a lot of us are optimist and think, hey, going to head to the airport, odds are slim that my flight will be the one affected. the fact is that even if it's not your flight, maybe the aircraft assigned to your flight is stuck somewhere else because of a weather delay. even if the aircraft is at the airport, the crew assigned to that fligh
before a holiday sale to afford those 25%, 50% off and 65% discounts. you don't know that as a consumer. and that's what we do. we want to make sure that we protect our margins, mr. retail store. whatever they're offering at a percentage off is exactly that, you just don't know what the original price was. you'll probably never know. >> the thing though is there's a lot of information, more so than ever before. a lot of websites dedicated to this. it is shame on you if you don't know. >> yes. not only that, also have to do your research, know what's going on. and there are all these -- i can't tell you how many -- i received 100 emails before the time i woke up yesterday morning of all these sales that were going on. half of them weren't even legit. half weren't even real sales. we as the consumer need to know and -- >> you said real sales, saying they bump up the price where from where it was a month ago, then they discount it from the higher price level? >> his several of those. i also -- i had several of those. i also had spam emails where they weren't real stores. they were fake sto
that don't want to be part of it or even the cleveland clinic where weeks earlier they had 3,000 workers because of it. this seems to be >> absolutely. i think the worst is yet to come. you know, what we've seen is there's already been 2 million insurance cancellations thus far. to be honest, it affects me personally. >> how so? >> well, my mom had health insurance, plan for quite some time. she was very happy with what she had. she liked what she had. recently unfortunately she just lost her policy. she's very distressed about it. she's very frustrated about it. and she's looked into these exchanges and it's higher deductib deductibles, higher cost, less access and worst care and, you know, again this is not just happening to her. we've heard in the state of connecticut where we live that this is happening to a lot of people and 2 million people thus far but let's not forget -- >> if you don't mind, that 2 million is the big development i heard today. that figure was mentioned. we're trying to get confirmation of that. it would fly in the face of those champion the health care law that
don't need to do anything in terms of ebb -- enrollment. that's obviously not true. the people who have healthcare and are getting cancellations notices and have to too something to try to get insurance. i pressed jay carney on that. take a listen. >> how did that get in the president's remarks? nobody knew that in fact if you have health care there could be changes? >> what the president was referring to was the broader promise of the affordable care act. if you're on medicare or medicaid, if you like probably most people in this room, have insurance through your employer, if you're a vet and you get coverage through the va, you don't have to do anything. >> again, not exactly what the president said. just a few days before the october 1st rollout. here's the big problem for the president. not just that the republicans are not buying the explanation. some of his fellly democrats, mary lapidary, has now introduced legislation that would grandfather more people in, so if you did lining your health care you can keep it. she is trying to do away with the cancellations notices. she rea
that there and that the rising market. >> mark, you sense a trap, though, is that at the gist of it? >> i don't think that we have had that much of a wealth effect. if you look at the whole funs data, household wealth is back where it was precrisis, but the gains are very heavily secured toward the upper en. the federal reserve bank of st. louis did a study to look to see how evenly the gains from the stock market haves been. the top 7% of households, healthiest howholds, have seen their holdings value go up. the other 93% have seen them go down. the truth is that middle income and upper middle income households just haven't been aboard the rally, so they missed and it consumer confidence has had the slowest recovery we have seen. it's still lower today than it was at the depths of the 2001 recession. so it's moving in the right direction, but we're looking at a pretty soft christmas. the one area that is doing very well, though, the upper end. art auctions in new york. record prices for all the paintings, 15 million dr. ferrari. there's incredible stuff going on. >> i can't believe the 100 mental plus for o
should be spent at home, so you don't have to wait in line and fight over limited quantity items. if we advertise it, it's guaranteed. >> so here's the question, should retailers open today? keith fitzgerald says, no, because it's ruining the holiday, but scott martin says, yes, because retailers are expand spro responding to a need. are retailers desperately in some way? >> i don't think they're desperate, but i think they're listening and listening to the consumer. all of us have great thanksgivings with food and family and granted listen, when like lauren said, some of these stores open tonight, later on in the evening, stewart, if you're at home, you're probably asleep. so if you're a retailer, you open your doors, because that's when people go out, that's when they spend. and it's not so much like ditching your family. one of my favorite thing to do is to go with the family, spend money, create capitalism, and keep this economy going. >> i'm all for that, but keith, come into this. what you're suggesting is, don't open on thanksgiving. you're going to force people to spend more tim
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21